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First pedal bikes are designed to get your child off to the best start possible. Ideal for children at the start of their cycling journey, these super lightweight kids bikes have no gears. The focus is on keeping things simple and just having fun.

They are the next step up from balance bikes. At Bike Club we provide top quality first pedal bikes from the best brands around.

About Bike Club First Pedal Bikes

We know what goes into making a great kids bike and our range reflects this. Some of the features we look for include:

Lightweight Frames - This makes them easier for a child to handle and control, especially when starting to ride a pedal bike for the first time. A lighter bike can also reduce fatigue and make it easier for the child to maintain balance. 

Quality Components - A good first pedal bike should have quality components, such as brakes, pedals, and handlebars. The components should be easy to use and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. 

Adjustability - A bike that is adjustable will accommodate the child's growth to an extent. Adjustable components, such as the handlebars and saddle will also help the child maintain a comfortable and safe riding position. 

Ergonomic Design - The bike should be built around the proportions of children, as opposed to being a scaled down adult bike. This will make the bike more comfortable for kids to ride.  

Overall, a good first pedal bike should be safe, durable, easy to handle, and fit the child's size and abilities. With Bike Club, you can find your child a first bike with pedals that is perfect for their needs and can help them develop their skills and confidence. 

The Best First Pedal Bikes Available For Your Child 

At Bike Club, we offer top-quality kids first pedal bikes from well-known brands such as Frog, Squish, Puky, and more, to give your child the best possible start to cycling. 

Whatever style or size you need, our range of brilliant first pedal bikes have you covered. Using the filters below, you can select for brand, wheel size, colour, and more, to narrow down the perfect bike for your little one. You can also filter by age to find pedal bikes for 3-year-olds, 5-year-olds, or any age up to 10.  

If you are unsure which bike will fit your child best, take a look at our bike size guide. Once you’ve picked out a bike for your child, you can also refer to our blog on teaching children to ride a bike. Our bike subscription service offers unmatched flexibility and affordability, allowing you to avoid large upfront costs and exchange the bike as your child grows!