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Subscription Kids Bikes That Are Always The Right Size

Bike Club offer subscription kids bikes. Families can pay monthly (starting at £5), ride away and exchange when their child grows, meaning parents will never have to buy a kids bike again.

Always Have a Bike That Fits Them

Children grow quickly. On average, they'll grow at 5cm per year from the age of three. But growth spurts are at varying and unpredictable rates throughout different parts of their childhood.

Catering to a growing child can be difficult. Bike Club offers flexibility in unlimited exchanges, whenever your child needs it. We've had members hold onto a bike for just weeks before needing the next size up.

Never Throw a Bike Away

Children produce a lot of waste. First, there are nappies, then there are plastic toys. And that's not to mention the food, or clothes they grow out of along the way.  With a growing movement towards sustainable living, consumers are becoming more and more aware of the impact they have on the environment. Buying a bike, and throwing it into the dump just doesn't sit well with many parents any longer.

By bringing the circular economy to family cycling, we're able to ensure bikes are loved and enjoyed by the next child, as opposed to being thrown away. Fewer bikes in a landfill, and more children cycling. We're able to ensure bikes are regularly serviced and refurbished, which not only ensures they ride better but that their components are well looked after and last longer. We're able to learn through the life of the bicycle what small tweaks to the design could ensure components need replacing less often, reducing waste. 

Scrap The Hassle

Growing legs leads to unused bicycles. If the landfill is no longer an option, time-stretched parents turn to re-selling. But selling a second-hand bicycle takes up time and causes a lot of hassle, which the majority of parents can't be bothered with. Hello disused bicycle, sat rusting away in the garage...

Enjoy The Quality

A lightweight, high-quality kids bike is easier to handle and more enjoyable to ride. With over 100 components in a standard front wheel of a bicycle, cheap kids bikes aren't designed, manufactured or built to a high quality. Cycling confidence is the top reason British adults chose not to cycle. Proving that a child's first experiences of a bicycle are crucial. If the bike is heavy, incorrectly sized, or poorly designed, they won't take to cycling. It will be difficult to handle, uncomfortable to ride and they'll quickly palm cycling off as a sport that's unenjoyable and inconvenient.

Join us in raising the next generation of cyclists. Let's create a more sustainable future together 🚲🌍

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