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Maintain Your Cycling Hygiene

There are a lot of reasons to clean your bike & helmet. A clean bike performs better and will last longer. A clean helmet smells nicer. But with social distancing, it's more important than ever to use your own equipment and keep them clean. 🚿

We've put together this quick guide for parents to help keep your children's cycling equipment clean. Follow these steps at least once a month (if not after every ride) for a basic clean.

Bike cleaning steps:

  1. Spray the bike down with a hose. Focus on removing as much visible dirt as possible from the tyres and frame.

  2. Apply degreaser onto the chain & mechanism. Clean off the dirt with a clean toothbrush or bike floss. 💡

  3. Spin the pedals occasionally as you go and wipe excess dirt off the chain with a clean cloth.

  4. Use a fresh sponge or soft-bristled paintbrush to clean the rest of the bike with a few quirts of anti-bacterial washing up liquid in a bucket of water (light bubbles only). 🖌️

  5. Spray the bike with clean water and let dry in the sun (or dry with clean cloths).

  6. Spray WD-40 on any moving parts which might have trapped water to prevent rust. IMPORTANT: Do not spray WD-40 on any part of the brakes. 🚫

  7. Apply bike lube to all the moving parts and chain system.

  8. Rub a little bike polish on the frame to make it shine. 🌟

  9. Enjoy your sparkling, clean bike!

Every few months, it's a good idea to take off the tyres and chain for a deep clean but that's a task for another day. 📆

To keep you bike tyres inflated, we also sell bike pumps


Helmet cleaning steps:

  1. Clean the outside with a soft, microfiber cloth. Use a very diluted solution of anti-bacterial washing up liquid to kill germs. 😷

  2. Use this warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush to clean in between the cavities.

  3. Make fresh soapy water and soak each of the head straps for a few seconds. 🛁

  4. Blot dry with a clean cloth and repeat until the cloth comes away clear.

  5. Take off the removable pads and toss the pads in a cold wash with other clothes in your washing machine. 🧺

  6. Lay them out to air dry.

  7. Put them back in and you're off! 🚵

Don't forget to put your cycling clothes through the wash after every trip outside too. Refer to the label and wash on the hottest temperature permitted.