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First things first, the thrill of getting your first bike is a special childhood memory, right? 💭 💯

We aim to ensure it's a great moment for all our Bike Club families' children - from their favourite colour to a super lightweight frame, but most importantly: the best size for the child ✅


Choosing the correct-sized bike for your child is crucial and should not be underestimated, as it affects their cycling experience, sense of confidence, and safety

A lot of parents tend to buy a bike slightly too big for their child to 'grow into'... while we understand the financial reasoning behind this decision, as children grow in a flash, it often has many negative consequences. (Which is where we come in! Our Exchange service provides a cost-effective solution to this problem).

Your little one will find it impossible to balance on a bike that's too big for them: not only will they struggle to reach the floor, but their arms will be stretched out when reaching for the handlebars.

This will most likely make your child feel nervous when starting to learn to ride a bike, and ultimately slow down their development. Worse still, a bad initial experience can put them off cycling completely!

The same applies if the bike is too small for your child. It will be uncomfortable and discourage your little one to take up what should be a super fun life skill.

Cycling is a brilliant way to have fun, stay healthy and create happy family memories - but this is onlypossible through having the right-sized bike!


Struggling to work out what exactly is the 'correct-sized' bike for your child? Here is a size chart for you:

(For the most accurate results, we recommend using the Inside Leg measurement. You can also read our blog about age vs inside leg measurement.)

Kids Bike Size Chart


Kids bikes are measured by wheel diameter (in inches), and range from balance bikes (around 10"), up to 26".

Measure your child by using the following method:

Inside leg: 1. Get your child to stand with their back to a wall in their shoes, ensuring their feet are flat on the floor 2. Place a book between their legs and slide up as high as is comfortable 3. Mark the wall at the point 4. Measure from the mark down to the floor Height: 1. Place the book flat ontop of their head  2. Mark where the bottom of the book touches the wall and measure straight down to the floor


Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are the perfect way for toddlers and young children to begin their cycling journey. They are a far better alternative to stabilisers, as they teach little ones the fundamentals of balancing and coordination, both of which are important for a seamless transition onto pedals.

We recommend the Strider 12 Sport. It is one of the best-selling balance bikes globally, due to its super lightweight and easily adjustable features. We recommend it for children aged 1 - 5. If you pair it with the Strider Rocking Base, it can be used for children even younger than the age of 12 months to develop their core muscles and spatial awareness.

First Pedal

First pedal bikes are usually 14" and 16" wheel sizes. These are great for 3 - 5 year olds looking to get their first taste of two-wheeled adventures.

We recommend the Forme Cubley range, as they are extremely lightweight and designed specifically with children in mind.

Off-Road / Hybrid

After your child has gone past the 14", 16" and 18" wheel bikes, the next stage up is generally an off-road / hybrid bike. These start from 20" wheels, and are usually your child's first introduction to gears.

For these bikes, we recommend the Forme Kinder range. They have all the benefits packed into the Cubleys, but for slightly bigger children.


Our helpful Member Support Team are always on hand - ask away on Live Chat (hit the pink chat icon in the bottom right of your screen), or email info@thebikeclub.co.uk.

For more details on our bikes, you can read about the different types of kids bikes we offer.