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Getting your child safely into the saddle with a correctly fitted helmet is of upmost importance for all parents.

When fitting a helmet to your child for the first time, it is imperative to ensure that it fits perfectly and isn’t too small, large or too loose.

Take a look at our simple 3 step guide for measuring and adjusting your child's helmet for the perfect secure fit.

How to measure your child's head

What you’ll need – you'll need a centimetre cloth tape measure. If you don't have one of these to hand, simply use a piece of string instead and measure it once you are done.

First off, wrap the tape measure above the eyebrows at the thickest point of your child's head so it covers their entire head circumference.

Ensure that the measure is level all the way around so an accurate measurement can be taken. Once you are happy with the measurement take a note of it.

Armed with the correct measurement, head over to our shop and browse our comprehensive range of children’s bike helmets. We stock a wide selection suitable for all children with a broad choice of shapes and colours to satisfy the pickiest! 

How to fit a helmet


Extra Tip: Check the fit, have your child open their mouth to yawn, if the helmet doesn't pull forward, tighten again.

Remember, if they drop the helmet on a hard surface, have a crash or outgrow it. It's time to get a new helmet.