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So you might already have a bike or two for your child. We get asked sometimes how we can help if this is the case. It's tempting to buy the next size up for them to grow into it, or maybe they're riding a bike too small for them and you haven't quite got round to getting them a new one. It's understandable when having to buy a bike upfront but they really need the right sized bike to enjoy riding. 

We can help by providing you with the right size. As our contracts are fully flexible after the first three months you're not tied into holding onto the bike forever. You can either exchange up a size when they need to or if you have a hand-me-down bike laying around, you can just cancel once your child has grown out of it and send us back the bike. It's really that easy.

We have the three month minimum period as this is not supposed to be a short term hire solution. We want to help get your family cycling great bikes. Although we want to be as flexible and as helpful as possible we do need a little commitment from you.

As ever, if you have any questions please do get in touch: info@thebikeclub.co